News Release


CIMC Enric Received First Order from Singaporean Shipowner Petredec for 2+2 24,000m³ Liquefied Gas Carriers


Recently, Nantong CIMC SinoPacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC SOE"), a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, signed a contract with Petredec, a Singaporean shipowner, for two 24,000m³ ethane/ethylene carriers and two alternative vessels of the same type.


The shipbuilding west area of CIMC SOE

Petredec was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Singapore. As one of the world's largest liquefied gas carrier shipowners, ship leasing companies and LPG traders, Petredec has over 30 years of experience in liquefied gas carrier operations. It is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the shipping industry and has one of the youngest and most energy-efficient ethane/ethylene fleets in the industry.

The contracted brand new 24,000m³ ethane/ethylene carriers will be completely designed by CIMC SOE, which has been comprehensively upgraded compared with the 22,000m³ ethane/ethylene carriers in the market. Firstly, the ship's hold capacity has been upgraded from 22,000m³ to the current 24,000m³, an increase in transportation capacity of about 14%.

In addition, it achieves a significant reduction in fuel consumption while maintaining the same design speed, and complies with the current international environmental regulations for ships, meeting the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) Stage III and International Maritime Organization (IMO) TIER III emission requirements. With the delivery of these vessels, the average age of Petredec's fleet will be further reduced, and the environmental benefits and economics of the vessels will be further enhanced.

As a market leader in small and medium-sized liquefied gas carrier segment, CIMC SOE has been focusing on the field of liquefied gas carriers for 15 years, and has independent marine liquid tanks, fuel tanks, and the ship design, construction and project management capability, as well as provides customers with energy-saving, environmentally friendly, technologically innovative and professional liquefied gas transportation solutions, with its products covering a wide range of liquefied gas carriers, such as LPG, ethane, ethylene, LNG, etc., and its market share ranking the top ones in the global market.

In recent years, CIMC SOE has delivered more than 40 liquefied gas carriers to major customers around the world, including the world's largest newly-built 20,000m³ LNG transport bunkering vessel, which was selected for "2022 Outstanding Ship Types World Class List". Since the beginning of this year, CIMC SOE has won a number of orders for liquefied gas carriers and clean energy vessels, including 40,000m³ medium-sized MGCs, with a total amount of orders in hand of more than RMB8 billion.