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CIMC Completed Construction and Delivery of Nigeria's Largest LPG Station


On 13 November, the third "Belt and Road" China-Nigeria Economic and Trade Forum took place in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, drawing widespread attention from various sectors of society. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the proposal of the "Belt and Road" initiative. China and Nigeria have strengthened cooperation and jointly undertaken several major projects and landmark engineering achievements, which have yielded fruitful results. CIMC has played a significant role in this cooperation. 

10,000 m³ Largest Spherical Tank

Recently, Jingmen Hongtu Special Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIMC Group (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC Hongtu"), successfully delivered the ASME standards 10,000 m³ LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) spherical tank station project to AP Oil in Lagos State, Nigeria. This LPG station is currently the largest in Nigeria and even in West Africa.

It is understood that the project consists of four 10,000 m³ LPG spherical tanks, three 17,815 m³ oil storage tanks, and supporting station (main station) engineering, as well as four 150 m³ LPG horizontal tanks and supporting station (substation) engineering. The primary purpose of the project is to receive and store LPG products from domestic oil fields and the Middle East, and subsequently distribute them to other cities through tank trucks for residential use.

Nigeria, being a major oil-producing country in Africa and the largest economy on the continent, experiences local fuel shortage due to factors such as gasoline flowing to neighboring countries with higher oil prices, international oil price increases, and unscrupulous traders hoarding supplies. Furthermore, the country faces certain gas shortages due to constraints such as funding and technology.

LPG is an emerging fuel business in Nigeria. Compared to traditional fuels used by local residents, such as wood and charcoal, LPG is more convenient, cleaner, affordable, and has a higher calorific value. As a result, it is increasingly favored by the local population.

This project represents the largest single-tank volume spherical tank built by CIMC Hongtu to date. It has a larger fuel storage capacity compared to regular spherical tanks. Under normal temperature conditions, each 10,000 m³ spherical tank can store approximately 5,800 tons of liquefied petroleum gas. The total storage capacity of the four 10,000 m³ spherical tanks is about 23,200 tons of liquefied petroleum gas, which can meet the one-month gas consumption needs of nearly 2 million residents in Lagos and the surrounding areas.

The completion and delivery of this project will contribute to the green utilization of fossil energy by local residents, spur local economic growth, reduce environmental pollution, and optimize energy utilization structures in Africa.