We provide key equipment, engineering services and integrated solutions to global energy, chemical and food industries.

Energy, Chemical and Food Equipment

CIMC Enric Holding Limited (securities code: 3899.HK), as the spearhead, was based on energy, chemical and food equipment industries and committed to providing key equipment, engineering services and system solutions for transportation, storage and processing of customers and forge the business brand of CIMC ENRIC.

The Company has 22 manufacture bases and R&D centers in China, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and so on to bring about an industrial pattern featuring China-Europe interaction and mutual support. Adhering to the concept of “Green Energy, Clean Logistics, Good Life”, CIMC Enric is devoted to becoming a world leading manufacturer of key equipment used in the energy, chemical and food industries and an engineering service and integrated solution provider, so as to make outstanding contributions to technical progress and industrial development of the global energy, chemical and food equipment industries as well as a better life of human beings.

Key Businesses

Energy equipment: Taking store and transportation equipment of clean energy CNG/LNG as the key products, we will expand our services to include engineering services and integrated solutions for supporting facilities of CNG/LNG stations, urban gasification and commercial non-pipeline gas network. Today, the business scope of CIMC Enric ranges from pretreatment, liquidation, transport, storage, revaporization, pipeline transportation to the whole natural gas industrial chain applied in the terminal.

CIMC Enric ranks the first in China in terms of market share of LNG cryogenic tank containers, cryogenic liquid transport semi-trailers and medium-pressure gas tankers; the output and sales of high-pressure tube trailers have topped the world since 2002; the company boasts a work team composed of most designers and specialists of cryogenic tanks in the world, who have helped it secure 70%+ market share in design of engineering cryogenic tanks; and it has established itself as a world famous brand of large-scale LNG terminals and storage stations.

Chemical Equipment: Taking containerized and standardized tank equipment that conforms to international multimodal transport standard as standardized equipment for chemical transport, CIMC Enric integrates Sino-European design and producing advantages into products so as to realize intelligent monitoring and management of cargo during the whole logistics process and provide customers with modern integrated solutions for logistics of powdery, liquid and gaseous chemicals. Since 2004, CIMC remains the world’s first place in the production and sales volume of ISO tank containers; it also takes the leading position in the nuclear electrical field in China.

Liquid Food Equipment: CIMC Enric provides the entire process flow of the brewing of beer, fruit juice and milk, the engineering &design of storage and transportation equipment, as well as tank manufacturing and system installation. In particular, the Company has provided professional turnkey project services for wine making, food and beverage industries in Asian-Pacific Region. It has two world-leading international brands - Holvrieka and Ziemann – in terms of beer brewing turnkey project.

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