Offshore oil drilling platforms delivered by CIMC have covered global mainstream oil fields, which are well-recognized by global customers.


CIMC Offshore Segment is an active player on the global ocean engineering market. The semi-submersible drilling rigs delivered by the company are operating in main offshore oil and gas production areas in the world, including the North Sea in Norway, South China Sea, Mexico Gulf and Brazil.

We’ve established three R&D centers in Sweden, Shanghai and Yantai and three manufacturing bases in Yantai, Haiyang and Longkou to design and develop main products including deep water semi-submersible drilling rigs, jack-up rigs and other high-end offshore special vessels. We have the capacity to design and construct deep water semi-submersible drilling rigs and jack-up rigs in batches and with proven success. Moreover, the company owns independently-designed deep water semi-submersible drilling rigs and jack-up rigs of many types, and was included into the “white list” of first shipbuilding enterprises published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Sept. 2014; it is also a design and manufacture center of deep water drilling rigs in China.

Key Businesses

Design and Construction of Semi-submersible Platform: With unique construction model of deep-water semi-submersible platforms, CIMIC has delivered nine deep-water semi-submersible platforms for the operation in the North Sea of Norway, Brazil, West Africa and the South China Sea; three platforms in the North Sea of Norway have been rated as the “Best Platforms” by Statoil ASA for seven times. Among the four platforms in Brazil, two are purchased by ICBC Leasing in the form of finance leasing and then leased out to Petrobras. The efficiency of these two completely original crane and accommodation platforms reached 96% in 2014, ranking the first place among other alternatives in Brazil. The delivered deep-water semi-submersible drilling platforms have a market share of 78% in China. Five deep-water semi-submersible drilling platforms under construction have a market share of 23% in the world. Three of them, which are the only ones in China and among the few in the world, are GM4-D semi-submersible drilling platforms with the capacity to work in the Arctic Circle. Two of them are the only seventh generation ultra-deepwater semi-submersible double-rig drilling D90 platforms under construction with the deepest operating water depth and drilling depth in the world.

Design and Construction of Jack-up Drilling Platform: Among the eleven delivered jack-up drilling rigs, eight are Super M2, which are distributed in the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and the Bohai Sea. TAISUN 200B, an independently designed jack-up gas compression platform delivered on August 28, 2015 is awarded an eight-year lease agreement by Petroleos Mexicanos.

Maintenance and Reconstruction: Having reconstructed several jack-up drilling rigs for Sinopec and PetroChina, the Company has accumulated rich experience in reconstructing semi-submersible drilling rigs into accommodation drilling rigs and conducting maintenance of large semi-submersible drilling rigs under the harsh environment.

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