We are dedicated to becoming a leading force in the standardization of logistics industry to provide excellent logistics services to global customers.


CIMC Logistics is committed to becoming a leading force in the standardization of the logistics industry. We make full use of our own technical advantages to provide optimized, intelligent and standard logistics services. In addition, we are copying logistics solutions to multiple industries and fields so as to provide global customers with outstanding logistics services.

Following customers demand, we constantly extend our logistics services. By now we have established 5 service lines including container service, comprehensive logistics, project logistics, equipment logistics and supply chain logistics. CIMC Logistics has fostered several prominent brands like Zhenhua Logistics, Brigantine International, South Logistics and Shanghai Donghua, all of which has formed CIMC Logistics' brand advantages.

By refining our advantages and improving the layout and extension of coastal logistics network and platforms, CIMC Logistics has built a logistics platform for motor-rail multimodal transportation along Silk Road Economic Belt and a logistics platform of Yangtze River Economic Belt for motor-rail multimodal transportation along Yangtze River and leading to Central Asia and Europe, thus forming two east-west logistics network channels and large platforms connected to the coastal logistics network and establishing a logistics ecosystem with CIMC’s core strengths. Meanwhile, as the world’s largest logistics equipment manufacturer, we boast powerful capacities of logistics equipment development and design, which enables us to provide professional solutions and services for various industries in the world and build a leading integrated logistics service platform in the industry.

Key Businesses

Container Service: Based on the informatization of modern technological means, container service focuses on the whole value chain to achieve the systematic management of agency and booking space of container ships and transaction, stacking and modification of containers and provide the owners of container ships with integrated logistics solutions. Relying on the network layout of container yard services that cover north and south domestic coastal ports, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, full life cycle business of containers will be conducted within its business scope to provide customers with integrated services, such as container storage management, repair, cleaning, marina services, container houses (special containers), etc. The annual container handling capacity is up to 10 million TEUs and the number of containers for repair and cleaning is 1.17 million. The integrated port agency services for container ships and quality services including booking agency, canvassing, dispatching, material supply and ship maintenance can be offered to customers within the freight forwarding business scope of container ships. The agency services have been used for more than 9,000 ships per year and more than 2 million TEUs.

Integrated Logistics Service: Depending on abundant experience in logistics services, the integrated logistics business complies with the development trend of boosting multimodal transport and cross-border logistics by the government, actively promotes the integrated mode of supply chain and the integrated logistics park model practice and explores integrated logistics e-commerce platforms, logistics and processing of cross-border e-commerce products as well as the whole industrial chain logistics service model of special products. Integrated logistics is primarily oriented toward cross-border logistics, multimodal transport, logistics and processing of products to widely provide such logistics operation services as international trade, import and export agency, storage, customs and inspection declaration, integrated logistics e-commerce platforms and actively expand both integrated logistics parks and multimodal transport service system, thus generating logistics products of the industries of forage grass, fodder, oil & gas, automobile, food, steel, etc.

Project Logistics: Project logistics has a professional team for engineering project logistics which can provide customers with personalized professional engineering project logistics solutions in the fields of construction work, steel, mining, energy, chemical engineering, electric power engineering and offshore engineering and provide overseas engineering projects and investment projects of “going global” enterprises with high-quality and high-efficient import, export and localized integrated logistics services. Meanwhile, while CIMC Logistics actively carries out bulk cargo shipping agency, it also possesses strong market competitiveness and sales ability in roll-on-roll-off ship business with complete coverage of main ship owners; for bulk cargo shipping agency, CIMC Logistics entered into long-term strategic cooperation agreements with many well-known semi-submersible ships, heavy lift vessels, general cargo ships and other offshore heavy transportation enterprises to provide ship owners with quality general shipping agency services and ensure the provision of the most competitive charter transportation services by special ships and dock ground extension follow-up services for cargoes imported and exported to customers.

Supply Chain Logistics: Depending on advantages on excellent brands, abundant funds, superior and diversified services, professional teams and global network, the supply chain logistics focuses on the domestic and international trade of commodities, such as building materials, chemical rubber, coal and minerals, textile, food and feed, chilled food, equipment and vehicles, offers value-added services for trading through the control of logistics and information flow, realizes the value extension of upstream and downstream and the integration of supply chain, provides customers with effective, efficient and professional supply chain logistics and financial solutions and strives to provide global customers with customized and thoughtful whole industry chain logistics and value-added services, thus meeting customers’ demands in all directions and constantly create new value space for customers.

Equipment Logistics: Based on manufacturing equipment of group logistics, the equipment logistics provides customers in different lines of work with dedicated logistics equipment and meet their requirements for cargo collection, finished product packaging and domestic and overseas logistics appliances recycling, etc. In the field of appliance manufacturing, CIMC Logistics has become the largest supplier for steel logistics equipment and IBC with thousands of types of products and the annual production capacity of over 1 million/set; in the field of industry solutions, CIMC Logistics gives full play to design and manufacturing capacity of the Group’s logistics appliances, creates standardized and unitized logistics appliances, such as 53 feet containers, working position apparatus, pallet containers, IBC, BUS-DECK, carries out market promotion and provides customers with  customized and efficient logistics and leasing solutions.

Container storage management, container repair and cleaning, wharf services, and container (special) house & container freight forwarding; import and export agency for international trades, logistics operation, distribution, bonded and non-bonded warehousing, delivery, customs declaration, commodity inspection, quarantine inspection, customs inspection, comprehensive logistics E-commerce platform, multimodal transport; supply chain logistics and finance solution and one-stop supply chain integrated service solution; ro-ro ship and bulk cargo ship freight forwarding; steel logistics equipment, 53 container, working position apparatus, pallet box, IBC, BUSDECK

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